How We Do It

Here at Tolly Paving we are adamant that the way we do things when it comes to machine and hand lay is the safest and best way to do it!

Here's a quick insight into the work we do and how we do it.

Here at Tolly Paving, we have our own fleet of modern forklift/loaders to ensure that we are completely self-sufficient on your sites:

Plant Equipment Small

We provide our own Probst block laying machines and we are also the leading company in the UK when it comes to machine laid block paving:

Probst Small

When we are asked to complete larger jobs, all of our machines are screeded in order to make your pavements perfectly level and to complete the job faster for you:

Mechanical Screeding Small

We have excellent relationships with all major manufacturers and, on larger sites, we can arrange all deliveries etc. on your behalf, thus freeing your management time and avoiding claims/disputes over material availability, lost time etc.